This item has a starting price of $1995 with diamonds purchased from Diamonds by Lauren. 
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Hand Forged Diamond Halo SO4351

ITEM:# SO4351

Hand Forged Halo Semi-Mount with "donut" at base

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Center Stone up to 1.00ct
Doesn't incl. center diamond

14K White or Yellow Gold $1995
18K White or Yellow Gold $2500
Platinum $3200

Center Stone up to 1.01ct - 1.99ct
Doesn't incl. center diamond

14K White or Yellow Gold $2295
18K White or Yellow Gold $2800
Platinum $3700.


This is our more affordable hand forged bench, and there are detail differences from our more costly “Uber” line.

But the lower cost rings still have many of the details you’re looking for in a fine halo ring.

• The perfect shaping of the halo - no gaps between stone and halo, nor any overlap. Diamonds are set all the way around with no gaps because we have the skill to set diamonds outside the prongs.

• Tubular “extruded metal” construction. This is the same type of metal used in the most costly hand forged rings in the world. Since extruded metal is not melted, and poured into a mold, like cast rings are, there’s no possibility of air bubbles. This means a stronger piece of metal at the molecular level. For this reason the 2mm shank looks dainty, but it’s built to be worn on a daily basis. More on that in a moment

• Diamonds specially selected for supreme cut- they are a bit lower in color than what we use in the more costly rings- and SI instead of VS. But because of the way they are selected for cut, they sparkle incredibly well.

• CLAW PRONGS - this is a very popular design element, and the ones we make for these rings are really fine.

• Lifetime workmanship guarantee - this is a big one - and has to do with wearing the ring. Here’s the benefit we offer: a) if a pave diamond falls out of the ring, with no apparent signs of stress or heavy wear, we pay for shipping and the repair is free.

b) If a pave diamond falls out due to stress, or heavy wear, the client pays a reasonable round trip shipping cost, and we fix it free, the first time.

c) in cases of extreme wear, or repeated repairs parts can be replaced, at clients expense, but at a reasonable cost. At that point a new lifetime warrantee goes into effect.