This item has a starting price of $6995 with diamonds purchased from Diamonds by Lauren. 
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Semi Mount Ring: Hand Made Double Halo "Uber Ring" SO4056

Semi Mount Ring

This listing is for the semi mount only.This style is only available with diamonds purchased from Diamonds by Lauren
The center diamond is not included. We will build the ring to fit any shape or size diamond.

The center diamond is not included.

Beautiful Hand Made Double Halo in Platinum and 18K Rose Gold with Pink Diamonds
"Uber Rings" Exclusively at Diamonds by Lauren

Item# SO4056

Pricing based on center diamond size set in Platinum and 18Karat Rose Gold. Prices
Doesn't incl. center diamond
Center Diamond Size: up to 0.75cts $6995
Center Diamond Size: 0.76cts up to 1.50cts $7995

Please contact us for quotes on larger sized center diamonds.

As shown with a .35ct Light Pink VVS1 Pear Shape Diamond (not included in the price of the listing). On this particular example, the setting has 34 E-F VS round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .38cts and 22 Fancy Pink SI round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .16cts

Here is a gorgeous handmade double halo diamond ring. Every part of the ring is perfectly finished - even the bottom is a work of art.

A gorgeous white halo surrounds the center stone. Around that halo is a second halo done in rose gold with pink diamonds.

The effect is dramatic.

The double halo really allows you to have a ring that has far more hand presence than a solitaire or even a single halo.

The reason our semi mounts are shown with the center diamonds set into them is simple. We do not keep semi mounts on the shelf. Virtually every ring we make is custom made. That's why the center stone will always fit properly with no gaps. That's why things will always be in proportion.

When looking at our three stone rings, you will notice that the level at which the three stones are set, with the girdles on the same plane. This is virtually impossible to achieve using semi mounts you see in a showcase- shown without a center diamond. Generally the center diamond is set on a "peg head". This type of setting allows a quick delivery – but it also means the center diamond will sit much higher than the side stones.

Where is this ring made?

This ring was manufactured in New York City.

To achieve these results, you need a combination of things. A highly skilled workforce is only the starting point. Specialized tools are required. The reason that the parts join together so well is because the parts were designed, and polished using a microscope..

The image

The image

The methods used for welding involve working in as sterile an environment as possible- while focusing acutely on specific areas using a microscope. This comes into play heavily on a ring of multiple metals, such as this one.

The image

The image

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