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SOLD...Earrings- 2.07ctw Natural Fancy Light Yellow Heart Shape Diamond Earrings R1606

Diamonds: SI2 Heart Shape
Color: Natural Fancy Light Yellow
Setting: Price includes stud settings
Report: 2 GIA Colored Diamond Reports

Matching 2.07carat total Fancy Light Yellow Heart Shape Diamonds
2 GIA Colored Diamond Reports
ITEM #R1889
Custom Made Platinum and 18karat Convertible Earrings
The rare, Matching Heart shape Diamonds are the centerpieces of these exquisite studs

Fancy Light Yellow. A great looking shade. A shade which pales in price compared to Fancy Intense yellow. Yet, when Fancy Light Yellow Diamonds are cut as well as these- they look "canary"

We get them directly from one of the world's best cutters of Fancy Colored Diamonds. The two GIA reports are dated on the very same day! October 16 2006, these diamonds were polished the year, and have never been sold to someone for personal use yet.

The diamonds were cut to match.

Below is Stone 1: 1.04carats

Below is Stone 2: 1.03carats

We're incredibly strict when it comes to selecting shapes- and these two both pass our critical eye.

Both have graceful arching sides starting from the bottom point- culminating in a cleavage which is marked, without being exaggerated

all actual photos of the diamonds we are offering.

ITEM #: R1889
18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Bezel Earrings w/ Platinum Jackets

WEIGHT: 1.04ct
SHAPE: Heart Shape
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.10 x 6.06 x 3.78 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 15585607

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

WEIGHT: 1.03ct
SHAPE: Heart Shape
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.04 x 5.96 x 3.85 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 15585604

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Due to the SI2 clarity, the cutter went for GIA's "Color Origin" Reports.

That's why there's no clarity grade on the GIA report

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Lab Report 2 Original GIA reports ship with diamond earrings. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

MORE ON THIS 2.07ct TW Pair


We've graded them SI2 due to a feathers deep inside. There's no black spots at all. It is difficult to spot these feathers with a ten power diamond loupe.

The stones are both completely eye clean.


Cut for great brilliance, both stones show the shape, and size.


It's a strong Fancy Light Yellow. Distinct Yellow. Close to Fancy Yellow- very close.


These diamond, as SI2's, are priced about 3 grand less than a VS, or even a VVS or flawless pair.

You didn't come here looking for cheap.

These earrings are by no means "cheap"- they are premium diamonds, with slight imperfections. You can't see them, but they saves you a lot of money.

Like a LV Bag with a scratch in the inside. They are nice cut nice color Fancy Light Yellow, priced right. Perfect for Earrings

We sell really nice stuff, at very attractive prices.

The diamond is priced competitively. We don't try to be the "cheapest"- but we carry only the best made diamonds- Cut is everything.

We run a tight ship, yet spare nothing when it comes to the depth of inventory we offer- and the level of customer service.

The customer service is important to all our clients.

The fact we have all the diamonds in stock- and have committed to them- is important to the cutters who provide us with such an amazing selection.

There are plenty of companies on the internet offering thousands of diamonds, none of them actually in the sellers possession.

Sure, the cutter is happy when diamonds sell in this manner. Yet, they are far more interested in someone who will "Step up to the plate" and buy large quantities.
That's why we have so many diamonds to show. as opposed to site with a simple list- or one B&W photo.

That's why we always show the best quality stones. We get first pick from some of the world's best cutters.

Like these diamonds.

Plus, its only when a company has invested in the diamonds does it make sense to invest thousands in making jewelry for the stones.

Convertible Earrings

Below you can see how the bezel set Heart Shape can be worn separately from the platinum jacket. Perfect for everyday wear.

Put them together and there's no hint they are not one piece.