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SOLD....GIA .90ct H/SI1 Heart Shape Diamond R1663

Diamond:.90ct H/SI1 Heart Shape
Color: H color
Measures: 6.06 x 6.66 x 3.71 mm Clarity: SI1

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.90carat H/SI1 Heart Shape Diamond
 GIA Report


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ITEM #R1663

Here's a great looking heart diamond. Being a little shy of once carat, she commands a softer price tag. Yet the diamond looks larger than many a one carat heart shapes we've seen.

It's all in the cut.

With a Heart Shaped Diamond, the overall outline- "The Model" is critical.

This one has a lovely shape, classic heart.

These photos don't lie.

all actual photos of the diamond we are offering.

ITEM #: R1663
Heart Shape Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.90ct
SHAPE: Heart Shape
6.06 x 6.66 x 3.71 mm
GIA REPORT #: 15221087
Total Depth: 55.7%
Table Size: 57%
Polish: G
Symmetry: G
Fluorescence: NONE

Lab Report Original GIA report ships with diamond. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.
MORE ON THIS .90carat H/SI1


SI1- Totally eye clean- it's a great Si1, only a tiny faint white line deep in the stone- which is hidden by the facets- totally eye clean.


 The lovely shape is evident in these photos. it's also clear that it's cut for great brilliance. Nice size for a .90carat.


 H Color. Nice and white.


The diamond is priced competitively. We don't try to be the "cheapest"- but we carry only the best made diamonds- Cut is everything.

We run a tight ship, yet spare nothing when it comes to the depth of inventory we offer- and the level of customer service.

The customer service is important to all our clients.

The fact we have all the diamonds in stock- and have committed to them- is important to the cutters who provide us with such an amazing selection.

There are plenty of companies on the internet offering thousands of diamonds, none of them actually in the sellers possession.

Sure, the cutter is happy when diamonds sell in this manner. Yet, they are far more interested in someone who will "Step up to the plate" and buy large quantities.
That's why we have so many diamonds to show. as opposed to site with a simple list- or one B&W photo.

That's why we always show the best quality stones. We get first pick from some of the world's best cutters.

Like this diamond.


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