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SOLD....Loose Diamond: 1.59 Square Radiant GIA W-X VS1 Lovely cut with potential R2618

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Original GIA Color Origin Report, as well as our company's comprehensive appraisal included.

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1.59carat Natural Light Yellow VS1 Diamond
Full GIA Report
item R2618
I love diamonds of this color, and I'll tell you why....

They look like a million bucks- people will see it as a canary- yet they cost a lot less than either a darker yellow diamond, or a "white" one. We've found, over the years, that folks LOVE this color- especially in a well cut square radiant diamond, such as this one.

If we weren't who we are, we'd be happy to send this diamond to one of the non GIA labs- they'd likely give it "Fancy Yellow"- and then we could pretend we were selling our diamonds cheaper than anyone else.

In reality, diamonds have value- sites ( or stores) that pretend they are offering prices well below everyone else have no attachment to truthful speech.

In fact, our prices are a lot less than you could find in a walk in retail store- but the reasons for that can be explained

1) We have an overhead far below retail stores. So what if our furniture was found by the side of the road, and has holes in it- do you care?

2) We sell thousands and thousands of carats a year- and we buy directly from cutters. Retail stores need to buy from ...well people like us. The bottom line there is that we own the diamonds for less than just about any retail store.

These are the two main factors affecting the price- in your behalf.

�We purchased this diamond directly from a cutter- we chose from a parcel of 4 stones- this one was the nicest, in my eyes.
What do I look for?
Well, number one is "Cut". No matter the color of a diamond, if it's well cut, it's going to be attractive. And this diamond is really well cut. That means that there's tonnage of sparkle. "Well cut" means that it looks large for it's weight- combine those two factors, and you have a diamond people will notice from across the room.
It's also so very close to a perfect square- desirable for some.

It's also a very clean diamond, free from imperfection. We purchase the diamond from the cutter.� Very soon after he finished his work.� It had no GIA report at the time.� We sent it off to GIA for the grading report.

�GIA graded the clarity VS1. Actually, GIA went one step farther.� They advised us that the diamonds clarity is " Not potential/ Improvable".

What does this mean?

Well, should we want to give it back to the cutter to polish to miniscule areas using a diagram provided by GIA.

"Improvable"�This refers to the results if we polished the diamond- It is improvable to a VVS clarity.

"Not potential" This diamond has a miniscule (VVS sized) imperfection deep within. This cannot be polished away. Therefore the diamond is not potentially internally flawless.

When we bought the diamond, I believed it to be a VVS clarity.� The areas that the GIA is referring to are actually aspects of the "skin" of the diamond.� Miniscule aspects of the polish.

We have decided not to re-polish the diamond, and have informed GIA. They will print the full GIA report calling the diamond VS1.�

Here's why we decided to stick with VS1.

There's not a large difference in value, if any, between VVS one and VS1 on a stone of this nature.� Also, the diamond is VS1 and totally eye clean.

�ITEM #: R2618
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.59ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: W-X, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.36 x 6.32 x 4.22 mm
GIA REPORT #: 17424963
Our Guide to natural Fancy Yellow Diamond color grading chart.

Identification report

The diamond will ship with the original GIA report.

We will also provide a comprehensive identification document (appraisal) describing entire ring in detail. This is suitable for insurance. It is also useful if you'd like to get a second opinion on your purchase

We're offering the diamond loose. If you want it set into a ring, you'll be hard pressed to find another company with the level of expertise we've developed.

� Over the years we've made many thousands of rings featuring Fancy Colored Diamonds.

If you are wondering what a W-X colored diamond looks like in a ring, here's a few that came from our factory ( all since sold)

Looking at the 1.59carat Radiant in these loose diamond photos, you'll notice it looks slightly lighter than the ones on the rings. That's part of the expertise we have. If one knows the proper methods of setting such stones, you'll see more color.....

All loose diamond photos are of the actual 1.59carat Radiant Diamond we are offering

�I love what I do, and part of the reason, is that I have the opportunity, and ability to treat people as I'd want to be treated. We never nickel and dime you.

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we recommend buying your diamond and rain from the same seller.� There are many reasons for this.� For one thing, you have one company to be held responsible for the quality of your entire product.

We can sell our semi-mount rings at a substantially lower price than we could if semi-mount rings were our only business. Generally speaking, every time we sell a semi-mount, we are selling the diamond that is going in the center.� Therefore we can afford to offer a super high quality product at a far lower price could find from a company selling only semi mount rings.