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SOLD....Loose Diamond: 2.18ct Square Natural Light Yellow Radiant.. Awesome Cut R2480

2.18 U-V Natural Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond
2.18carat Natural Light Yellow Square Radiant Cut Diamond
Item #R2480

ACTUAL MOVIE of this exceptional diamond

ITEM #: R2480
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 2.18ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.10 x 6.98 x 4.60 mm

There's no GIA Report on this one.

We include our comprehensive appraisal free of charge.

ALL photos are of the exact diamond you will receive

This is a "parcel" of loose diamonds.� Since they are light yellows, they are among the least expensive of diamonds.� The amazing thing is that they do not look like that at all!

In any event, the cutter offered this to us as a group deal.� He has not sent them off to GIA yet. That is saving us a lot of money.

The subject of this listing, the 2.18 is a square radiant cut.� This Diamond is faceted to have that "bucket of crushed ice" look.

The cut of this one is undeniably mesmerizing, quite beautiful.

This Diamond has a great cut, a beautiful light yellow color, and it's also a very clean VS2 diamond.

It will look amazing set into a ring.

Please check our eBay store for available semi-mount options

We got a great deal on all three diamonds in the pass along to you. I would say that if we were to buy this diamond on its own, it would be listing in our store for at least another $2000�

If we send this stone off the GIA ourselves, we will need to price it at the market value, with the GIA report.