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SOLD....Loose Diamond: .62ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Oval Diamond R1749

Diamond: GIA .62ct SI1 Oval Cut
Color: Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond
Report: Full GIA Report
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.62carat Fancy Vivid Yellow SI1 Oval Diamond
Full GIA Report
ITEM #R1749

Here's a really well cut Fancy Vivid Yellow with GIA report.

The diamond is bright yellow- as the best vivids are.


Since we own the diamonds we offer- such as this one- we have to be super picky when buying them

Cut is what will always make a diamond desirable- along with it's inherent color/clarity. Not all Fancy Vivid Yellows are created equal.


This is a very nice one.

All actual photos of the diamond we are offering.

ITEM #: R1749
Oval Shape Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.62ct
SHAPE: Oval Shape
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 5.66 x 4.39 x 3.08 mm
GIA REPORT #: 14570149
Total Depth: 70.2%
Table Size: 60%
Polish: VG
Symmetry: G
Fluorescence: NONE

Lab Report Original GIA report ships with diamond. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

More on this Fancy Vivid Yellow Gem


SI1-Clarity is far less important in Fancy Colored Diamonds- as compared to colorless.

Iv the deeper colors it's even more true.

This diamond has an SI1 "cloud" deep inside.

It would be eye clean even if it were a D color.

Still, due to how vivid and deep the color is, it took me quite a while to find the imperfection with the loupe.

It's totally eye clean.



A graceful oval shape with great brilliance.



The color is rated by GIA as "Fancy Vivid Yellow". Incredibly rich, the could not be any yellower!

This diamond has a vivid, rich yellow color- not a hint of orange or brown.

The color is so remarkable, it's noticeable even from across the room.




The diamond weighs .62carats


Fancy Vivid Yellow is an expensive grade of diamond. If we were to compare it to a D color, the vivid yellow is more money.

Since this one is .62 carats, it put the price tag within the range of mere mortals (financially speaking).

In a one carat size, it's about three times the price.




There's plenty of options for setting such a diamond- and we'll be glad to explore them with you.


Here's a few thoughts:

* Custom made halo micro-setting

* 3 Diamond Ring flanked by two icy white ovals

* 5 Diamond Band flanked by 4 colorless ovals

* A Diamonds by the Yard necklace