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SOLD.....Pink Flower Pendant- 18karat white and pink Gold 16inch chain R2050

Pink Diamond Necklace
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Pink Flower Pendant
Item #R2050

ITEM #: R2050
18Karat White Gold and Rose Gold Pend Diamond Pendant
16inch chain ( we can fix a longer chain on request)

WEIGHT: 0.12ct
COLOR: Fancy Pink

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Natural Pink Diamonds are hard to come by

The larger you get, the more difficult ( expensive).

For example, one point (.01) pink diamonds are simply tough to find. When I say tough, I mean very difficult.

But if you wanted , say a 12 point pink diamond ( .12ct)? Well that's a horse of an entirely different color. Exponentially more difficult.

Diamonds of this size and color can go for $20,000 per carat.

If you buy this piece, you're paying a lot less- due to the fact we bought a bunch of diamonds of assorted colors and sizes.

This diamond was one of the larger among them- buying the lot got us ( and you) a very good price

The photos are of the actual Pink Flower Diamond Pendant you will receive.

As you can see from the photos, all the diamonds have great life.

All the bezels are perfect.

The piece is gorgeous.

The white diamonds are also top quality. When you're on a streak, why stop? Go with the best.

What you see when you look at our offerings you'll see actual photos of actual diamonds we possess.

We could sell our diamonds to jewelry stores.

Instead we offer them to folks like you.

We're completely the opposite of someone selling with a list. We select our diamonds one by one. We buy them from the people that cut them.