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SOLD.....Ring- 2.73ct Light Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Halo Ring R1590

Center: 2.73ct SI1 Pear Shape Diamond
Color: Y-Z Yellow
Ring Metal: Cast setting with melee (little diamonds), 14kt white gold 18kt yellow gold
Side stones: 94 Diamonds total .98carats Lab report:GIA Report

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colored diamonds

YELLOW DIAMOND See the movie of diamond in high quality .wmv or check out the You Tube version below.

yellow diamond ring
2.73ct Light Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Halo White & Yellow Gold Ring

yellow pear diamond
2.73ct Light Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Halo Ring

This is an exquisite Pear Shaped Diamond. When considering a Pear Shape Diamond, the cut is the first thing I look at. All the Pear Shapes below have been in our eBay store at one time or another- some are there now!


yellow pear diamondyellow pear diamondyellow pear diamondyellow pear diamond

yellow pear diamondyellow pear diamondyellow pear diamondyellow pear diamond

They're all beautiful, in their own way.

This 2.73carat is what I like to call an "organic" shape. There's not a straight line anywhere on her. From the tip, there's a graceful arc that continues, unabated all the way down to the beautiful rounded bottom. The 61.6% depth means it looks like many a 3.75carat Pear Shape you might see, in terms of size.

yellow pear diamond

There's great sparkle. This is a difficult to photograph diamond. It exhibits fluorescence, which make capturing the color quite difficult to capture. In real life, the stone looks like a Fancy Light Yellow- nice deep shade.

yellow pear diamond yellow pear diamond

Natural Fancy Colored Pear Shape Diamonds are pretty rare...and this one is pretty. Nice combo, pretty, and pretty rare.

Except for the Gallery Photo Layout above, ALL loose diamond photos are actual photos of the 2.73 Light Yellow Pear Shape diamond

Diamond Stats

GIA Report

Stats not listed on GIA's Colored Diamond Report.
Clarity SI1
Fluorescence Medium Blue
Depth 61.6%
Side Diamond Details
Carat Weight 94 Diamonds total .98carats
Shape Round Brilliant
Color F
Clarity VS2-SI1
Ring Details
Metal 14karat White, and 18karat Yellow Gold
Finger Size We ship in your size
Delivery date Before Thanksgiving
Lab Report Original GIA Colored diamond Report Included- as well as our appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.