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SOLD...Three Stone Diamond Ring: 1.00 TW Emerald Cut Underwire design Great Cut R2886

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1.00ct total weight Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
ITEM #R2886






ITEM #: R2886
14Karat White Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 0.58ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut

SHAPE: Emerald Cut

14Karat White Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5
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Three Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

if you love Emerald cut diamonds, this ring will make you slide off your chair. Why is that?


It starts with the selection of the diamonds. Picking the right and will cut diamonds is essential to getting a product that looks like this.  Go to the mall, and look at their emerald cut diamond rings. They won't look like this. It's simply not possible for large mass market sellers to put all the effort that we do into each and every ring.  I am very proud of this one, and the close-up photos give you a great idea why.


When you buy from us, you'll clearly see what you're getting.

We take all the time, we need to select very high quality diamonds.  Not just any three diamonds will give you this type of result.  So, after we select the very best emerald cuts, we take the time to make sure we pick three that match beautifully.

In person, it is a breathtaking ring.

The photos are the actual ring you will receive.



 The design has a lovely swoopy look... classic!


Impeccable setting work. 14karat white gold. We'll adjust the ring to your size.

All three stones possess an amazing cut. Each it's own hall of mirrors. If you love emerald cuts, you've come to the right place.


By the way, for those of you are familiar with him, this ring is a "Sam Spade special".

Who is "Sam Spade"?

Sam is a guy that I met when was first starting out the business.  He buys diamonds from cutters just like we do.  Believe it or not, the guy is over 80 years old-and he spent most of his life in the diamond business.  He buys from large cutters, goes through hundreds and hundreds of carats to select the few diamonds he loves-like me, Sam is ultra particular, especially about cut.  He's yet to show me a diamond that he liked, that I did not.  By getting rings like this from Sam, that frees me up to work on a lot of the larger stones we sell, while making sure that even the smaller items are of the utmost quality.




How is the way we sell different?

What you see when you look at Diamonds by you'll see actual photos of actual diamonds we possess.

We could sell our diamonds to jewelry stores.

Instead we offer them to folks like you.

We buy them from the people that cut them. We're completely the opposite of someone selling with a list. We select our diamonds one by one. Generally, the diamonds that are not selected by dealers like me, are the ones that get the list... the "rejects". We only carry the cream of the crop