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SOLD....Three Stone Diamond Ring: GIA 2.84ct Pear Intense Yellow Diamond R1795

Center Diamond: 2.84ct Fancy Light Yellow Pear
Clarity: I1
Mounting: Platinum and 18kt white gold
Side Stones: Trilliants 1.32ctw

2.84carat Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shape Diamond
GIA Report
ITEM #R1795
One Of a Kind Three Diamond Ring Featuring 1.32tw Natural Yellow Trilliant Side Diamonds

This is a diamond that will make someone very happy. A two and three quarter carat Intense Yellow is generally in the $35,000 neighborhood.

So, you could buy this one and a Honda.....( one with FOUR wheels)

It's true, the diamond has a large area of imperfection on the right side.

There's white feather, which is actually yellow, and a bit of black carbon. None of this is structural in any way. None of it breaks the surface. The area of imperfection is not near the tip- or pointy side.

I was going to put an arrow pointing it out, but then I thought- the photos AND MOVIE- give you a very good idea.

If you're the sort of person, like me, who can see the beauty in something like this, I'll let the visuals speak for the diamond. If the imperfection does not bother you in the photos and movies, it most likely won't bother you in person either.....

all actual photos of the diamonds and ring we are offering.

ITEM #: R1795
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.84ct
SHAPE: Pear Shape
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 10.91 x 7.38 x 4.92 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 15643609

SHAPE: Trilliant
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6.25
We will ship the ring in your size.



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Lab Report Original GIA report ships with diamond. We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?
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MORE ON THIS 2.84carat Intense Yellow diamond


I2 - The GIA report is a "Color Origin" does not mention clarity. We have graded the diamond I2- we're incredibly picky, and strict on the grading.

The imperfections are not opaque, and are actually difficult to see.


100% organic flowing pear shape. Not a straight line on her.

The depth is totally in line- meaning this diamond looks quite as large as many 3.50carat pear shapes. .


Very exotic Intense yellow.

FLUORESCENCE: Strong Yellow.

This is a fairly rare trait. In the case of this particular diamond, the effect is really neutral-since the diamond is so yellow to begin with As you'll see looking at the movie below, the diamond has remarkable brilliance.

The Ring

Remarkable Side Diamonds

A Unique Pair or soft sided Light Yellow trills

Stone 1

Here's a totally unique pair of matching trilliant diamonds- the added twist of lemon makes these even more special.

Stone 1

Put them together and you have a really nice pair for side diamonds or earrings.



Nothing major- a few small spots - the diamonds are totally eye clean.


The cut is totally unique- bowed edges and soft corners-

Great sparkle and size.... I love'em!


We've graded these "Fancy Light Yellow."- we're always conservative- the cutter thought they were Fancy Yellow. The color is distinct and pure


1.37carats total Weight

Put all Three Together and....WHAM!


This ring challenged my boundaries as a designer. I'm very...comfortable with the contrast between white and yellow diamonds. In this case my palette features far less contrast.

Another reason this ring was a challenge is economic. If it didn't look amazing, it's not like we could simply "pop" another few diamonds in. The ONLY way to have a ring come out like this is to design it around the specific diamonds.

Please notice just how precisely these stones are placed.

And how low to the finger they are. The top of the ring is 18karat yellow gold. The bottom is platinum.

We hope you like it. I seriously doubt you'll see another like it.