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SOLD.....Three Stone Diamond Ring:1.30ct VVS1 Radiant GIA Yellow Diamond Platinum Ring w/ Baguettes R1601

ITEM #: R1601
Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.30ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.09 x 6.08 x 3.86 mm
GIA REPORT #: 15610092
Total Depth: 63.5%
Table Size: 68%
Polish: VG
Symmetry: VG
Fluorescence: NONE

SHAPE: Baguette

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 5 Stone

Currently sized at: 5
We will ship the ring in your size.

ACTUAL MOVIES of this 1.80ct total weight ring


The Diamond

The moment I opened the parcel paper, I knew I wanted these gems. After the years and thousands of carats, you can just tell- even from behind- these are extraordinarily well cut. I had to have them. BUT.

BUT- we have in stock, right now, 29 diamonds between 1.20, and 1.49- like we need another 5????? We sell thousands of diamonds, so yes, we can use them. My feeling is, a really well cut diamond will always hold value.

How many dealers are capable, and ready to buy 5 diamonds totaling nearly 7 carats in one felt swoop? We are. We use our market force to get an amazing price.

Anyway, here you have an opportunity, like mine. Expect you can do it with a "safety net". Our Money back guarantee does not require a reason on your part. If you don't like the look of the diamond for any reason you can get a refund in full.

This diamond is a very nice looking square.

The depth, at 63.5% is SUPER for a square stone like this- it looks like a carat and a half. The stone has a sparkling warm heart.

It's a VVS1- clarity is simply NOT an issue. It's only a miniscule click away from Internally Flawless.

Y-Z is a distinct light yellow simply lovely in shade. The color is a beautiful light yellow glistening with sparkling highlights.


all actual photos of the diamond and ring we are offering.

The Ring

We take these reasonably priced diamonds, and set them into rings you would find in only the finest jewelry stores. After all, just because the industry undervalues Light yellows, does not mean we need to!

As you can see, the yellow gold portion is perfectly integrated with the platinum.

The factory somehow misread our order, and made the ring size 5.

It's brand new- we can re-size to any finger size.

The ring is luxurious platinum. The baguettes generous in size- and perfectly set.

The tapered baguettes are also gleaming icy white, colorless.


Of course!

Am awesome ring, priced within reason.

Natural Light yellow diamonds, such as this Y-Z Natural Light yellow are among the most reasonalby priced of all diamonds.