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SOLD....Three Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring: 1.25carat K/SI1 Emerald Cut Diamond GIA Report R1865

Color: K Clarity: SI1
Original GIA report ships with diamond

item #R1865

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View your description 4.09 Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut-Dimaondsbylauren
1.25carat K/SI1 Emerald Cut Diamond with GIA report
18kt Ring Featuring Blood red Rubies
Item #R1865


Nowadays, more and more purchases are being made online. Let's look at the way most of the concerns offering diamonds on the web do it.

1) Get a url name- let's call our hypothetical diamond site " Diamonds on the"

2) Buy one of the site design templates. Most of the internet diamond sellers' sites seem to look quite alike. In any case, you set up the site, get the ability to accept credit cards, and you're in business.

3) OOOPS- I forgot, we need something to sell.....or do we? What if we simply compile lists of diamonds from manufacturers( cutters) and diamond wholesalers. If we did that, we would not have to invest in the diamonds.

Of course if we sold them that way, we would never even see the actual diamonds we'd be offering.

We could not have actual photos, but what the heck- almost every diamond selling site I've seen has "sample photos" anyway.

In fact- sites offering thousands and thousands of diamonds generally operate just as I've outlined above.

It's called "drop shipping". The internet seller sets up a site with different sample photos for the shapes. No actual photos. Once they get an order- and payment- they send the order to the actual owner of the diamond. The actual owner ships it wherever the internet seller tells them.

It all sounds very efficient.

With GIA reports, you know what you're getting, right?

What's wrong with this system?

What you gain in efficiency you loose in true selectivity. Distinguishing the finer points of one diamond from the next.

The "Diamond selling by list" system is based on the assumption that all diamonds of any particular grade are equal. This is a faulty foundation.

Say 2 diamonds have valid lab reports ( GIA) identifying their grading.

Say the grades are identical. Say the measurements are identical- or very close. One diamond can still be way nicer than the other. This is particularly true with Fancy Shape diamonds.

How is the way we sell different?

What you see when you look at our eBay store is not thousands and thousands- but rather hundreds of actual photos of actual diamonds we possess.

We could put our diamonds onto other people's lists. Or we could do what we used to do- sell them to jewelry stores.

Instead we offer them to folks like you.

We're completely the opposite of someone selling with a list. We select our diamonds one by one. We buy them from the people that cut them.

Let's take this diamond for example- and why we're offering it.

I routinely go across 47th street, upstairs to another office. the office belongs to one of the world's largest cutters. I always walk out with at least $30,000- and sometimes up to $200,000 of diamonds.

In many cases, I like to pick really well cut diamonds in the less costly qualities- like K/SI1. You won't find K colors on many lists- and maybe not in a lot of stores either. It's easy to knock K colors if you're trying to sell G colors.

instead, I look thru hundreds of diamonds and pick the less expensive ones that look very much like the most expensive ones

Anyway, these small things- that make one diamond desirable and another less so- they are subtle- and can't necessarily be translated into a GIA report.

Some I1's look actually nicer than other Internally Flawless Diamonds.

Since my photos are extreme close ups, you can see a little feather- that's why GIA called it SI1.

I can't see the feather with my naked eyes in person-

I can see the unique personality- the lovely cut.

This is caused by many factors- such as the corners- which are not really quantifiable on a GIA report.

The cut of this diamond is beautiful. Extremely appealing.

It's a lovely "warm white" color. If you're looking for a D, this is not the one for you.

But we're sold hundreds of K-L colored emerald cuts to satisfied owners. many people actually love the slight tint.

ITEM #: R1865
18Karat Yellow and White Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring

WEIGHT: 1.25ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 6.94 x 5.19 x 3.78 mm
GIA REPORT #: 15249111

SHAPE: Emerald Cut

18Karat Yellow and White Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.
Lab Report GIA report Included as well as our appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

The Custom Made Setting

It's extremely difficult for me to photograph Rubies. In person both stones are "Pigeon Blood"- a deep rich ruby red.

Once you hit them with lights all kinds of things you can't see in person come out in the photos.....

But you get the idea.

Suffice it to say- if you like the photos, you're likely to LOVE the ring.

The stones are perfectly positioned- and low to your finger. Comfortable and safe.

The shank and center portion are white gold- the rubies in yellow.

The shank- a really nice thickness and smoothly contoured

The ring looks really rich and beautiful
on the hand: