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Vivid Yellowish Green Diamond: .63ct Incredibly Rare Pear R4547

green diamond

ITEM #: R4547
Pear Shape Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.63ct
SHAPE: Pear Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Yellowish Green
MEASUREMENTS: 6.49 x 4.50 x 2.83 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 16341547

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"How rare is a Vivid Green Diamond"

Green diamonds are incredibly rare. The rarest colors include Blue, Purple, Orange.

In the case of purple and orange, it is more common to find stones with modifiers. Purple-pink. Orange-Yellow. In such cases the modifying color is directly related to the principle color. In the case of green, yellow is a close modifier- and indeed, Greenish Yellow Diamonds are far more common.

Remember, the last color is the main color - so this is indeed, a Vivid Green Diamond.

One problem we have with green diamonds, quite frankly - has to do photography, and the nature of the color green. It is a kind of... wimpy color in diamonds. Fancy Light Green, for example, costs a ton and the green is 1000 times less evident than the Yellow in a Fancy Light Yellow.

In this case, the yellowish (which means less pervasive than Yellow Green) aspect to the color means we end up with a bright green diamond - and the color is incredible

It is an I1 clarity - but the imperfection serves a purpose it helps the color a ton - and it does not stop the stone from being very brilliant.

The fluorescence is blazing under the UV light - but not so much in every day - or even sunlight.

The cut is actually pretty nice.

it looks "uneven" in a few photos simply because it is not facing the camera properly.

natural green diamond

vivid green daimond

green diamond

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