This item has a starting price of $2500 with diamonds purchased from Diamonds by Lauren. 
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Wide Split Shank Halo SO3472

Semi Mount Ring

This listing is for the semi mount only.
The center diamond is not included. We will build the ring to fit the diamond of your choice.

The center diamond is not included.

Halo and Split Shank Semi Mount Ring with Claw Shaped Prongs

Item# SO3472

Metal Choice
Prices for center diamond sizes up to 2.00ct
Doesn't incl. center diamond
18karat White Gold $2500
Platinum $3350

As shown with a 1.64 Emerald Cut Tsavorite (not included in the price of the listing). On this particular example, the setting has 50 E-F VS round brilliant diamonds for a total weight of .55cts.

Here is a gorgeous hand made semi mount ring. It has a lovely split shank and a beautiful halo made to enhance the shape of the center sone. The ring is substantial in feel yet very delicate looking. The claw shape prongs add a special touch to this ring. They are delicate and a work of art in their own right.

There are absolutely no hard edges on this piece. Everything has a very rounded look and feel to it. The split shank has a very gentle curve to it. The halo edges are not sharp but nicely rounded for a soft touch. The shank has a lovely circular profile even where the diamonds are set into it.

The ring in these photos was previously made for a client. We will custom make this setting for your stone. This semi mount is able to accommodate nearly every shape and size of stone.

The photos below show this same setting with a .96 Y-Z round brilliant. The halo is done in beautiful 18Karat Yellow Gold while the remainder of the ring is done in Platinum.

This ring is 1.45ctw. There are 48 side stones on this ring for a total of .49cts. I love the contrast of the halo on this ring. I feel this version helps to accentuate the yellow of the center stone.

As shown below with the single shank version of this semi mount SO3373

The reason our semi mounts are shown with the center diamonds set into them is simple. We do not keep semi mounts on the shelf. Virtually every ring we make is custom made. That's why the center stone will always fit properly with no gaps. That's why things will always be in proportion.

When looking at our three stone rings, you will notice that the level at which the three stones are set, with the girdles on the same plane. This is virtually impossible to achieve using semi mounts you see in a showcase- shown without a center diamond. Generally the center diamond is set on a "peg head". This type of setting allows a quick delivery – but it also means the center diamond will sit much higher than the side stones.