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SOLD......Yellow Cushion Diamond: 1.00ct Fancy Intense Yellow VVS1 Cushion Cut GIA Vibrant Color R4629

yellow diamond

ITEM #: R4629
Cushion Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.00ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 5.79 x 5.40 x 3.54 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1132744093

gia report

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cushion cut diamond Fancy intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond

Part of what made this past week so active, in terms of purchasing diamonds was the upcoming jewelry trade show in Las Vegas. A lot of the cutters we deal in have booths at the show - so they compile a lot of new stones for the show.

We know the timing of the increased amount of diamonds, and also the shipments out to the show, in Las Vegas We swoop in as they are getting the diamonds ready to be shipped, and pick the cherries!

This is one of those diamonds.

I select them visually - I knew the diamond was VVS1 by the label on the box - the color was so strong that if there was a doubt, it would have been wondering if the stone was Fancy Vivid, or Fancy Intense.

It is an intense yellow - and a strong one.

I also love the cut based on visual characteristics.

Under close examination under 10 power magnification, you can see that the table is slightly off center - causing the "Fair" symmetry grade on the GIA report.

This is not visible naked eye.

The stone looks like a ball of lemon yellow fire - very even sparkle. This Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion will look awesome once it is set.

gia fancy intense yellow

fancy intense yellow cushion cut diamond

cushion cut diamond

canary diamond

This stone will look amazing set!

If you are interested in this stone, give us a call. You will be purchasing with a money back guarantee, so you are sure to end up satisfied!

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.


This Diamond is offered loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it.

You can also pick from any of the rings on the site- we will replicate the setting for the stone you purchase

Or, if you want a three stone ring, you will approve the design, and side stone selection.

When we need to find side stones, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

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