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SOLD...Yellow Diamond Ring: 1.27cts Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Five Stone Ring R4657

cushion cut wedding band

ITEM #: R4657

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 5 Stone Ring Diamond Ring

SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Yellow

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold 5 Stone Ring

Currently sized at: 6
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yellow diamond wedding ring

1.27cts Fancy Yellow VS-SI Cushion Cut Wedding Band

Here is a very special five stone band. It is special for many reasons. For one thing, all the diamonds have a beautiful fancy yellow color. There are lovely lemon yellow. You notice this as soon as you look at the ring. The second thing you notice, is the amazing sparkle of all the diamonds. All of this is at arm's length. I am looking at it this way, you really cannot tell that it is five diamonds.

However, as you start to look more closely, it becomes evident that not only do I have five diamonds but they are five beautifully shaped cushion diamonds.

The center cushion is 5 mm tall, the stones on each side of it or 4 mm and the ones at the very outside measure 3.1 mm. As you look at it closely, I find it to be a very pleasing proportion.

cushion cut diamond

Beautiful hand forged 18 karat yellow gold prong work holds the five diamonds. Even though we could not use a shared prong due to the different sizes of the diamonds, the prongs are hand forged, beautifully shaped claw prongs and are really unobtrusive.

yellow five stone diamond ring

In terms of clarity, four of the five are VS clarity, and the small one at the outside edge which is SI one, is still eye clean.

One of the stones next to the center exhibits some fluorescence, the others do not exhibit any fluorescence whatsoever.

Each and every one of the stones is dazzling on its own right.

diamond wedding ring

diamond wedding band

The shank, that's the part that wraps around your finger, is the perfect size. By no means is it thin, but it is not too heavy, either.

diamond wedding band

diamond anniversary band

yellow diamond anniversary band

yellow diamond anniversary ring

diamond anniversary ring

yellow diamond ring

diamond five stone ring

yellow diamond five stone ringIf you like the ring in these photos, you will love it in person - we guarantee it!

yellow diamond wedding ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.

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