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SOLD....Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring: 2.03ct Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow VVS2 Radiant Cut GIA Three Stone Ring R4695

radiant cut diamond ring

ITEM #: R4695

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.03ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Y-Z, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.64 x 6.37 x 4.54 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2145012533

SHAPE: Trapezoidal

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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gia report

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yellow diamond ring

2.03ct Y-Z VVS2 Radiant Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring

radiant cut diamond

I love this business. This website is frequented by thousands of folks daily - some of whom are not consumers.

In this case, a major league cutter of fancy colored diamonds spotted the new and improved DBL site and let us know they wanted to supply us.

We have heard great things about them, so I was glad they approached us.

They sent over a huge selection of stones for us to pick from - this was one of the first of three diamonds we bought today.

yellow radiant cut diamond

I love this type of radiant cut. A big, broad rectangle that is sparkle from one end to the other.

The diamond is not too deep, so it has a great size for its weight. Small corners also contribute to a larger surface area overall.

Stones like this represent an awesome value because they are very close to Fancy Light Yellow in color - yet they are about 25% less costly. In this case you are getting a VG/VG VVS2 for really no more than a "normal " Y-Z.

Like a little gift from the light yellow diamond fairy.

gia y-z colored diamond

natural yellow diamond

yellow radiant diamond

The Ring

There is an aspect to art that I find intriguing. Our eyes are drawn to things of a similar nature, over and over again. I mean, mine are anyway.

I remember when I started selling diamonds in the Caribbean. I was trained by a guy who had been traveling there for a few years.

After about two hours after he picked me up from the airport, he kind of let me know that he didn't give a spit about how pretty the ocean was. Or the palm trees, iguanas, or anything else I couldn't stop raving about.

I used to travel down there for about 10 years and if anything my fascination of the colors and textures grew.

diamond engagement ring

This ring is like that. I mean, if we have made one radiant and trapezoid ring, we have made 100.

But I never tire of seeing how these three stones react to each other. The traps and radiant really do nicely in this combo...

three stone diamond ring

radiant cut diamond ring

yellow diamond three stone ring

radiant cut three stone ring

radiant cut three stone ring

radiant cut three stone ring

radiant cut three stone ring

This Y-Z color radiant comes to life in this setting. It does take on different hues in different lighting.

trapezoid diamond

diamond ring

If you like the ring in these photos, you will love it in person - we guarantee it!

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