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SOLD.....Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond: .45ct Fancy Intense Yellow I1 Radiant Cut Bargain Beauty R4623

yellow diamond

ITEM #: R4623
Radiant Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.45ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 4.05 x 3.80 x 2.90 mm

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

radiant cut diamond Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond

Generally we buy diamonds that already have GIA reports - the cutters will not let the really valuable stones go until they see what GIA has to say - because of the massive price implications.

In cases of "parcels" of smaller stones, part of the benefit to the cutter is having a buyer like us who buys bunches of stones like this in one fell swoop - and there are no GIA reports.

Since we buy from the largest cutters in the world - we can be assured of the legitimacy of the diamonds. We will gladly submit any diamond to GIA at the client's expense.

Remember, a fancy colored diamond GIA report is a minimum of $150 - so it is not always something we advise - if the seller is a trusted one.

Diamonds by Lauren Grading Policy
I am the head grader here - trained by the Harry Winston company.
If we feel a diamond we are grading is an SI1, we generally grade it SI2- unless it is a borderline VS2.
If we feel the diamond is a borderline VS2-SI1- we always call it SI1.
If we can find no imperfection whatsoever, the highest clarity grade we will issue is VS1.
If we feel the color is Fancy Yellow - we grade Fancy Light Yellow.
If we feel it is a Fancy intense Yellow, and there is no GIA report - we generally call it a Fancy Yellow - unless it is a borderline vivid.

We do this to lessen any possibility of discrepancy.
Grades are subjective - when we need to issue them, we do it on your side.

This is a fantastic radiant cut diamond. First of all it is a fantastic bargain. The color of the diamond is what you would expect - intense yellow. The clarity grade on this stone is I1. The photo above really shows the imperfection, but as you can see in the other photos, it blends into the sparkle of the stone. For those looking for a vibrant yellow diamond - this truly is a great value.

I love the shape of this diamond. It is a beautiful broad rectangle with bold cut corners. The stone has beautiful sparkle as well.

fancy intense yellow

fancy intense yellow radiant cut diamond

This stone will look amazing set!

If you are interested in this stone, give us a call. You will be purchasing with a money back guarantee, so you are sure to end up satisfied!

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond you will receive.


This Diamond is offered loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it.

You can also pick from any of the rings on the site- we will replicate the setting for the stone you purchase

Or, if you want a three stone ring, you will approve the design, and side stone selection.

When we need to find side stones, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

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