yellow and colorless diamond grading chart

PICTURE GALLERIES>Cool and Unusual Diamonds> This is the cool, the unusual, the radical and colored diamond gallery. We love buying and selling stones like these. All of these are NATURAL, untreated stones. Could we interest you in something rebellious?

pink diamond
Cotton Candy
.47ct Fancy Intense
Purple-Pink Diamond

horse head diamond
Just Horsing Around
1.4 carat horse head
M Color Diamond

vivid blue diamond
Heart w/ the Blues
.67ct Fancy Vivid
Blue Diamond

blue diamond
Beautifull Ble
Fancy Blue Diamond

fluroescence neon emerald
Funky Fluorescence
Fancy Greenish Yellow

vivid yellow diamond
Screamin' Yeller
2ct Vivid Yellow cushion

neon yellow pear diamond
Ripe Pear
1.13ct Fancy Green-Yellow Diamond

pink diamond
Octagonal pink
Fancy Pinkish Brown Diamond

vivid yellow diamond
Extraordinary Octagonal
Unusual Fancy Vivid Yellow Step Cut Diamond

blue diamond
Blue Pear
Natural Fancy Light Grayish-Blue .66ct

orange heart diamond
Juiced-up Orange
1.70ct Fancy Vivid Orange-Yellow Diamond

light yellow oval diamond
Indecisive Oval
Oval faceted on bottom like an emerald cut

yellow green diamond
Green Fantasy
1.22ct Natural Fancy Yellow-Green Diamond

fancy deep intense pink diamond
Cotton Candy
Natural Fancy Deep Intense Pink Diamond

chameleon diamond

Color Changer
1ct Chameleon Diamond

fancy intense purplish pink diamond
Grapes of Desire
Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond

brownish yellow asscher
Breathtaking Asscher
2+ carat Natural Brownish Yellow Diamond

orange yellow radiant cut diamond
Burning Up
Fancy Orange Yellow Diamond

blue marquise
Blue Marquise
Fancy Light Blue 1.02ct

brown diamond
Brown Kite diamond
Fancy Brown diamond

fancy intense green yellow diamond
Fancy Intense
Green-Yellow Diamond

pink diamond
Pink Harp
Pink harp Diamond