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SOLD...0.67ct Brownish Greenish Yellow VS Pear Shape Diamond Ring R8438

ITEM:# R8438

WEIGHT: 0.67ct
SHAPE: Pear Shape
COLOR: Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 6.65 x 4.26 x 3.09 mm

18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size. Adjustment range limited.

This beautifully cut pear shape diamond comes from a large group of natural fancy colored diamonds we bought from a cutter.

The grouping came at an amazing price, because the stones didn't fit into the categories the cutter generally sells.

If it was a Fancy Yellow, they would have sent it to GIA and sold it on its own.

The complex color, to me, is a plus. We did not spend the $160 for a GIA report- opting to pass those savings along to you. The diamond is cut for sparkle, and that, it does, abundantly.

We've crafted a sweet gypsy style bezel set ring for this stone. The brushed finish fells and loks amazing.

The ring is solid- with a small pear shaped air hole below the stone. The details on this ring, which is ostensibly a simple design- the details are spectacular.

Tthe way the shape of the ring is perfectly molded around the stone.

The labor cost is a pretty fair share of the price here- and it's so worth it to be able to offer this level of workmanship.