0.72ct Brown Emerald Cut Diamond Ring R9940

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ITEM:# R9940

WEIGHT: 0.72ct
TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 5.80 x 3.40 mm

MOUNTING: Platinum

Currently sized at: 10
We will ship the ring in your size.

Looking for an eye clean diamond? This AIN'T it!

It's a very cool stone, regardless. It's a cool light brown color that seems to change color appearance based on time of day... (or lighting, I suppose...)

The cut is perfect for this ring - lots of bright flashes. The imperfections include patches of darker brown. The flashes accentuate these unique characteristics.

We purchased the diamond as part of a 30 carat parcel of natural fancy colored diamonds. We set this gem into a totally solid platinum (15.5 grams) ring, The ring has a textured finish on the outside - and is very smooth on the parts that touch your finger.

I'm no fool, I also know I2 diamonds AIN'T expensive. (ok, I might be a fool)

SO, to prove I'm not a fool (or arguably, AM... just ask my wife), you're basically getting the 3/4ct Diamond for free in this deal.