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SOLD...0.98ctw Fancy Color Diamond Ring R8975

ITEM:# R8975

SHAPE: mix
COLOR: Fancy Greenish, Brownish Yellow

18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
We will ship the ring in your size.

We buy large groups of diamonds- parcels- and we pick diamonds that we feel express a statement together to make a ring like this.

There is one 0.14ct Pear Modified Briliant, Then 0.12ct, 0.16ct, 0.17ct Cushion Modified Brilliants (varying shapes). For the Oval Modified Brilliants thre is 0.18ct and .12ct. Finallly, a Heart Modified Brilliant

The color actually shows a bit of green in some lighting.

In the bright lights we use for photography a lot of orange comes out.

Personally, I adore ther fact that the stones are not the same color. I could stare at this ring for hours.

The millgrain has a lovely delicate appearance.

18kt Yellow gold - it's a solid ring, good for daily wear.