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SOLD....10.37ct Emerald Cut Colombian Emerald Ring GIA R6719

ITEM:# R6719

WEIGHT: 10.37ct
SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Green
MEASUREMENTS: 13.61 x 11.86 x 8.43 mm
GIA REPORT #: 1152924071

SHAPE: Baguette

Platinum and 18Karat Yellow Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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Let's start with this emerald. 10.37cts. Emerald Cut (GIA classified as "Octagonal Step Cut"). The origin of this emerald is of note. It was stored in the vault of the family of a renowned diamond cutter. For over 50 years. That's an important aspect because it allows me to speak with knowledge of the timing.

This is an important Colombian Emerald. Of course GIA came to the same conclusion.

Emeralds today are not like those mined much earlier. This stone has such a rich color, combined with a transparent nature. In general, Colombian Emeralds are rather opaque.

This one has a unique brilliance due to that transparency. Next is the important F1 rating on the GIA report. This stone shows the lowest degree of clarity enhancement GIA rates - like a VVS1. There are stones that have no enhancement, but those are even more rare.

We believe that this stone was not purposefully enhanced. Rather, the presence of oil is a residue of the material used in the cutting process to lubricate the wheel and coagulate the abrasive agent. The abrasive agent (likely corundum dust) is mixed with an oil to form a substance which is applied to the cutting wheel. Since the clarity characteristics of this stone make it slightly porous, some of the oil from cutting was retained int he stone.

I do need a word about the pics: They suck.

The closest I can come to the amazing color of this stone is the reflection of the stone in the picture below.

In every case, I need to put so much light in the emerald to focus the macro lens that it floods the stone with more light than it can handle. In person the stone is the richest deepest most brilliant emerald green you can imagine. The combination of deep green with the bright green reflections is breathtaking.

The ring is a story in itself. We had our cutter work hand in hand with the setter to get this perfect fit. The workmanship of this ring is as good as you'll find anywhere. As you can see from the pictures taken prior to setting the emerald, the fitting of the stones is impeccable.

The baguettes are perfectly colorless and totally clean. Wow!