1.36ct Brown I1 Cushion Brilliant Diamond R9143

ITEM:# R9143

WEIGHT: 1.36ct
SHAPE: Cushion Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Deep Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 6.73 x 6.36 x 4.11 mm

We had someone looking for an antique style pear diamond. I hadn't been back to one of my favorite cutters since they reopened. They cut all kinds of funkilcious antique-inspired diamonds.

I'll admit - it's thrilling to sit with him. He hands me a box with about 100 diamonds in it. I take my time and open each envelope.

In this case, the stone was in a box of his "oddballs". He generally would never bother cutting a brown diamond... so this is a special stone. He does amazing one off cushion brilliant designs. This one features six main facets on the pavilion. The 50%+- lower pavilion facets give us huge mirrors on the bottom of the stone.

So you get this awesome chunky series of firey orangy brown flashes- even in low lighting.

There's no GIA- the grades of color and clarity are my estimations. In the case of color, it's likely GIA would add more hues to brown (yellow, orange?) It's hard to predict that specific aspect, so I'm just guessing when it comes to the color grade.

I feel pretty comfortable with grading the diamond I1 clarity. There's a level of crystals inside beyond SI2. But not enough to reach I2 in my opinion. There's nothing that breaks the surface.

In the pics, and video, you can easily see the crystals, but in person, it's really difficult to pick out the imperfection.

Unlike yellow diamonds, a brown of this color is basically unaffected by blue fluorescence in direct sun. Most yellow diamonds of medium blue tend to really lose color, wherein the case if this stone, you'd never know it's fluorescent unless you hit it with direct UV lighting.

Without a doubt, it's a bit more costly as compared to a cushion modified brilliant. Of all cushions this color maybe 1% are not cushion modified. This stone was cut right here on 47th street. Personally I think it's worth a lot more than the typical brown diamond.