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SOLD...1.65ctw Fancy Color Diamond Bangle R9764

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ITEM:# R9764

TYPE: Diamond SHAPE: Assorted
COLOR: Assorted

MOUNTING: 14Karat Yellow Gold- 2.5 inches inside diameter

Here's a totally unique bangle bracelet conceived and executed by Sandra.

Wow, it's a joy to hold this thing. 27.9 grams of solid 14kt yellow gold.

Well, I say solid, but actually, there are 15 little diamonds set into this piece.

There are 9 Cushions, a Radiant, an Oval, a Heart, a Princess, a round, and a Pear.

Some are light yellow- and orangy stone and several pinks. They're kind of small, and set into the bracelet so the colors are subtle. Up close, you can see the super cool, all natural colors.

The finish on this bracelet is so sweet - textured outside - then comfort fit edges and smooth as silk on your skin. 2.5 inches diameter.