2.01ct Pink I1 Princess Cut Diamond R8671

ITEM:# R8671

WEIGHT: 2.01ct
SHAPE: Princess Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Pinkish Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 6.71 x 6.52 x 4.93 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2205321565

Here's a brand new - super cool, super rare diamond.

Yes, the primary color is brown, but it's a light brown, so the pink really comes out!

The cutter submitted for "Color only" GIA due to the fact it will surely get I1, but it's an amazing I1 clarity- totally eye clean.

Speaking of cutting, if you love princess cuts, you'll love this one.

Great sparkle and shape.

We have not seen many stones like this one, and we're not likely to see any others.

Incredible price - we snapped this up immediately when we saw it this afternoon.

It's priced loose, and we can make a killer ring for it if you're so inclined.