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SOLD....2.56ct Brown VS2 Shield Diamond R8919

ITEM:# R8919

WEIGHT: 2.56ct
SHAPE: Shield
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellowish Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 11.00 x 10.00 x 3.50 mm

Yes, sireebob!!!!

You're looking at a Step Cut Shield. The stone is hugely unique- you're not going to see another like this one.

Based on the way the stone is cut, the thing is HUGE. Especially considering the price.

The stone has a large culet, so you can actually see through that facet...very cool.

I called the color Fancy Light Yellowish Brown- but I am by no means confident that GIA will agree. We'll be happy to include a GIA report, if you'd like to purchase.

The stone is pretty darn clean too!

How to set it???

That's a durn good question, I have no idea - but maybe you do?