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SOLD.....5.34ctw Fancy Color Diamond Parcel R9130

ITEM:# R9130


Pear Shapes
Quantity: 20
Total weight: 2.31cts

Quantity: 12
Total weight: 1.81cts

Quantity: 7
Total weight: .80cts

Quantity: 4
Total weight: .33cts

Quantity: 1
Weight .09cts

Here's a unique opportunity.

We purchase large groups of Natural Fancy Colored diamonds- known as parcels.

In general, in the diamond business, parcels are a bulk purchase.

We buy literally hundreds of carats at a time. If we wanted to select a small group of the parcel the price could be as much as 10 times per carat higher, as compared to a bulk purchase.

Same for you - you're paying about $500 per carat. That's a very low price for stones like these.

Many are in the less intense ranges, and in general, those are cleaner - VS lclarity or better.

The more intense colored stones are generally more imperfect. The smallest diamond is a .05ct pear shape - extremely cute.

There's a few stones between .20-.25cts

There are yellow diamonds in varying shades. a few with pink hints.

A few are Orangish. All are cool - all are lively.