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6.00ct Brown Step Cut Shield Natural Diamond R9927

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ITEM:# R9927

WEIGHT: 6.00ct
TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Shield Step Cut
COLOR: Fancy Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 18.81 x 9.34 x 5.00 mm

This wowser of a stone comes to you thanks to our relationships with Fancy Colored Diamond Cutters....the best ones.

This stone is just beautifully cut.

Brown diamond cutting is a specialty unto itself. The color coming through the top of this stone is so beautifully even in tone - and the super long steps allow tons of extremely bright flashes to emanate - highlighting the orangy brown color.

We got the stone fresh from the cutter - it's never been to GIA yet. We'll include the cost of a GIA should you desire one. I really have no idea what color they will grade it.

It's an eye clean SI2. Again, the grade itself is in my opinion. The eye clean aspect, I believe to be true unless you have eagle eyes and the lighting of perfect.