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SOLD....Diamond Earrings: 1.04ct tw Horse Head Noseband Setting R2878

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included.


Matching Horse Head Diamond Earrings
1.04carat total weight
ITEM #: R2878
14Karat White Gold Diamond Earrings

SHAPE: Horse Head

14Karat White Gold
The stones prior to setting:
all actual photos of the horsey head diamond earrings we are offering.




Here's something you don't see every day. A matching pair of horse head diamonds.


Here's a great thing about them. Compared to your normal equine purchases these guys require no feeding, no care, you can just keep them as they are. If you like horses, you must know about stable fees.


If I didn't see this, I probably wouldn't believe it. I mean look at the detail work. He got the eyebrows, you can see the lips. Those perky year ears... it's all there. Each Horsey has its own subtle personality, but each have these details. At the same time, these are very bright, brilliant diamonds


These are totally colorless horses


The diamonds total 1.04carats total


The diamonds are SI1 clarity. They are eye clean.

The Diamonds are set into custom made ear studs



History of Horse Head diamonds

The horse head is a relatively new cut- it was invented by the company that own Henri Daussi.

The also invented the heart shape diamond, in 1960. Prior to that heart shaped diamonds had no cleavage.

They took the same technology that allowed them to make the cuts necessary to have a cleavage and refined it even further to be able to cut these horse heads.

They are extremely difficult to cut, requiring far more man hours per carat cut as compared to just about any other shape.

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