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SOLD....Diamond Earrings: 1.41ct Natural Yellow Radiant Dangle Earrings 18kt R3767

Our company's comprehensive appraisal included.


1.41ct total weight Natural Light Yellow Princess Cut Dangle Diamond Earring

Item #R3767

18karat yellow gold

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ITEM #: R3767
18Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow

18Karat Yellow Gold

Our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes is included. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

We purchase opportunistically. By this I mean if we see a parcel of stones that seems to have all the qualities we love- we'll pull the trigger and buy- even if it's over 30 carats of diamonds- as was the parcel these earrings were made from. The difference in price between buying a few stones, or talking the whole kit and kaboodle is HUGE- I'm talking about 30% +. In this case, it was an easy decision as all the stones are really beautifully cut- uniformly a lovely natural light yellow shade- and the clarity is also great throughout.


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We used yellow gold on these- 18karat. Nice heavy friction backs- very durable

This is certainly a total one of a kind pair. The dangle is about 21mm- or a more than 3/4 of an inch.

The stones have a rich natural yellow shade

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The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamonds you will receive.


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