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SOLD... Diamond Necklace: Riviera Graduated Diamond Necklace R2300

ITEM #: R2300
14Karat White Gold Diamond Necklace

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

14Karat White Gold

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

Here's an excuse to make yourself feel like a queen. The piece is exquisite- it's comfortable to wear- and it's affordable. What more do you want!?

Seriously- the necklace is quite luxurious, yet you could wear it anytime.

Let's look at the artful construction.

Stone Sizes

Each diamond is set into it's own millgrained link.

The center is .40cts.
Flanking it are .18ct diamonds
Then  one .15, and one .11ct on each side.
At that point the graduation becomes less severe.
There's 2 x 7, and 2 x 6 pointers ( on each side)
3 four pointers- followed by 60 .025 diamonds to the diamond studded clasp.

The necklace is 16 inches in length.

Nicely polished and smooth on the back

Of course no matter how well you set poorly cut diamonds, you're going to have a cruddy finished product.

We use our own grading system. It starts with cut.  There's only two grades "Amazing!" and "REJECT"

See, if it's not really well cut we won't use it- regardless of the color and clarity.

These particular diamonds are carefully selected SI diamonds.

That's the reason it's not $7995.

I can't repeat this enough- a well cut SI can look every bit as lively and sparkly as an Internally Flawless Diamond. These do.