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SOLD...Pink Diamond Ring: 1.02ct Fancy Light Orangy Pink Radiant Cut GIA Remarkable Ring R2727

cushion cut diamond

ITEM #: R2727

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 1.02ct
SHAPE: Radiant Cut
COLOR: Fancy Light Orangy Pink
MEASUREMENTS: 6.28 x 5.42 x 3.31 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 14863461

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Pink

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Halo

Currently sized at: 6
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yellow cushion cut diamond

1.02ct Fancy Light Orangy Pink Radiant Cut Double Diamond Halo Ring

If you are shopping for a Natural Pink Diamond, you cannot just order one, as you would a car, for example.

When shopping for something so very rare, you need to look at the available properties, and choose what you love.

It is more akin to shopping for real estate. Each one is different, but there just are not that many Natural Pink Diamonds.

If you are shopping for colorless round diamonds, and you want a VS2, you do not need to even consider an SI1.

That is because shoppers seeking a G/VS2 are able to sift thorough literally hundreds - even thousands - of choices on other internet diamond selling sites.

Natural pink diamonds are truly rare - in a world of rare gems to begin with!

pink diamond

That is why you cannot compare pink diamonds to colorless diamond buying. For someone shopping one carat round diamonds there are a lot more candidates. Still, when it is me, I won't put our money into a pink, no matter the price - if I don't love the way it looks.

It is just that it happens few and far between that we see any nice looking pinks. If we were looking for treated stones - we would find scads.

When we do it is even more rare to find one this pink for less than $50k.

The clarity is the reason the cutter chose GIA's color origin report - this is also a contributing factor in the remarkable price.

Although the diamond is eye clean, I am quite sure GIA would have to give the diamond I1 if they graded the clarity, but it is a very very very very good I1. The sparkle and color totally hide the "white" feather type imperfection. There is no way to see the feather with the naked eye. The feather is pretty much in the middle of the diamond and does not compromise the integrity whatsoever.

It is possible for me to make it out in this ultra close up photo, knowing where it is makes that easier.

I'll bet most people can not see the small feather in the photo....

pink diamond ring

natural pink diamonds

The cut is really lovely. The shape is a bold rectangle. The sparkle is wall to wall- expect a bottomless pit of pink crushed ice...

In addition, the stone has a great size for a 1.02 carat. Looking at its size, many will guess it is a carat and a quarter. Look at it in profile

pink diamond side view

underside of pink diamond

pink diamondpink diamond

The Ring

We have had this gorgeous stone, R2727 for... 6 years

Given that pink diamonds are sizzling hot, I had to assume that our setting was just not "doing it" for the stone.

yellow diamond ring

So, we put our thinking caps on, and came up with this!

pink diamond ring

pink diamond halo

pink diamond halo

pink diamond halo

pink diamond halo

hand forged diamond ring

gia pink diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

diamond halo ring

pink diamond halo ring

yellow cushion cut diamond

double halo diamond ring

split shank diamond ring

fancy light orangy pink diamond ring

double halo diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring that you will receive.

GIA Report

gia report

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