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SOLD....Diamond Stud Earrings: .93ct Coffee Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings R2941

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.93t tw Chocolate Emerald Cut Diamond Studs

Item R2941

ITEM #: R2941
14Karat White Gold Diamond Earrings

SHAPE: Emerald Cut
COLOR: Fancy Intense Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 4.80 x 3.60 mm

14Karat White Gold

The loose Diamonds
If you are shopping for a "Chocolate Diamond", you'll find a wide range of stones that fit this name.
Some are more of the "bittersweet" chocolate variety- these happen to be sweet as milk chocolate.
 Seriously, we see a lot of really cheap, ugly brown diamonds. This is a lovely pair. These highly detailed photos reveal that they are not a perfect match- rather they compliment each other beautifully. A nice pair for studs.

The stones are both nicely cut to show the color and still have nice glitter- even in low light. Although they are SI stones, the imperfections have no impact on the overall brilliance of the stones.

Pretty much all the brown diamonds we carry have some modifying color- such as the "bronze" nature in these.....

We use top quality posts and friction backs. These are secure, and quite durable.

all photos and video above are of the actual item we are offering.

A note about photographing diamonds:

The main goal we have is is to most realistically represent the diamonds we are selling. In the case of Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, they have different appearances based on the light source. You may notice that the diamond looks darker in some of the photos, and lighter in others. It is this way in real life as well. We choose the photos ( which are not retouched in any way for color) that most realistically represent the lightest and darkest face of the diamond.

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