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SOLD...Loose Colorless Diamond: 3.73ct E VS2 Round Brilliant GIA Stunning Stone R5021

colorless diamond


ITEM #: R5021

Round Brilliant Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 3.73ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
MEASUREMENTS: 10.02 - 9.94 x 6.17 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2145512658

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colorless round briliant diamond

3.73ct E VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond

This is a major league diamond by any measure.

The first thing people look at today is the cut. The diamond is a GIA “Triple Ex” - Excellent Polish & Symmetry - and most important, GIA EX Cut grade.

Although this diamond is incredibly well cut, there are actually diamonds that can be shown to be cut even better than this diamond- ‘Super Ideal” Cut diamonds- such as the Crafted by Infinity line we carry.

In this case I can totally respect the decisions made by the cutter. To achieve the “Super Ideal” type of cut the diamond would have gone below 3.5cts. Plus, the few percentage points of difference are marginal, and hard to see to many observers.

No one looking at this diamond will notice any deficiency in its cut- which is after all rated “Excellent” by GIA.

E color, is, wow, E color.

The diamond is incredibly bright.

Totally eye clean VS2.

gia e colored diamond

colorless diamond

white diamond

colorless pear round brilliant diamond

pear shape diamond

colorless diamond

colorless round diamond

colorless round brilliant diamond

round brilliant diamond

colorless diamond

colorless diamond

colorless round brilliant diamond

round brilliant diamond

I can envision this diamond particularly in a a halo ring. We will not build our rings for stones that were purchased elsewhere. The reason, is that we will invest a huge amount make sure you are satisfied, if you buy this diamond and have us set into one of our custom made rings for you. For example, you can order this custom-made ring with a money back guarantee.

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GIA Report

gia report