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SOLD....Loose Diamond: 2.09ct Cushion Diamond Fancy Brownish Yellow GIA HONEY Diamond R3127

Original GIA report, and our company's comprehensive appraisal included.


2.09ct Fancy Brownish Yellow Cushion Diamond

GIA Report

ITEM #R3127

ITEM #: R3127
Cushion Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 2.09ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Brownish Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.98 x 5.08 x 3.49 mm
GIA COLOR REPORT #: 2105433057


 Original GIA Report ships with diamond.  We also include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes. How much will my new diamond appraise for?

We buy these diamonds directly from cutters. In this case, it's one of a group of select cutters that buys rough diamonds directly from DeBeers. Also known as a Site Holder.

When trading colorless and near colorless diamonds, there's lists cutters refer to in pricing the diamonds.

With fancy colors, no such list exists and sometimes it works to the advantage of the buyer. In this case we have a stone which is a light honey color. The brownish aspect of the color, to me, is attractive.

From the market's perspective, stones with a brownish tint take a hit on the price.

About half the price of a Fancy Yellow VS1

The GIA "Color Origin" report does not specify the clarity. I went back and forth between Si2,and I1 about five times.

Ultimately, I always prefer to err on the side of caution. If the stone gets a fair appraisal, it might get SI2- but others might give it I1. It's a borderline stone. In either case the imperfections are docile. No distinct black spots.

The imperfections consist of a "feather" which can be seen in the photo below at around 7:00... lower left corner, at the edge. Also a crystal towards the center about 3:00.

 These imperfections pose no durability problems whatsoever. A sharp eyed viewer will see it in real life, but unlike a black carbon spot that contrast, this blends in.


The facet pattern is apparent in these photos. It's a lovely look with tremendous sparkle. Lovely soft sided cushion shape. The stone looks quite sizable for it's 2.09carats.

It's a "bucket of crushed ice" look.

 You can't focus in any one facet in real life- it's dazzling.

IN some of the photos, such as the one below, you may notice reflections of the imperfections in the stone. This is the case when examining the stone with a loupe. Yet looked at from as close as possible, you can't make them out naked eye.

Photographing diamonds is a difficult task. Our goal is always the same- shoot and publish photos that most accurately represent the diamond.

Photos are good, yet they must be seen in context. We do this by publishing many photos. Color representation, for example, requires several photos at the very least. These do give you a very good idea.


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