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SOLD......Loose Diamond: Gorgeous Light Yellow, Heart-Shaped Diamond 1.32ct Trade up Special R883

No GIA report with this one- we  include our comprehensive appraisal, free of charge.
 Natural Light Yellow Heart-Shaped Diamond
Item #R883


ALL photos and video are of the exact item you will receive

If you are a heart shaped diamond lover, I probably don't need to tell you how rare really well cut heart shapes are. If you are not a heart shaped diamond lover, maybe this one can change your mind-simply because it is so darn well cut

The color is a lovely light lemon yellow. Very attractive. in terms of clarity, this is a very clean diamond.  We graded it VS2


 The diamond is dropdead gorgeous in person.  The diamond is here as a result of our trade up policy.  Someone had the diamond, and loved it for years.  Then they decided they wanted a different diamond.

If we were buying the diamond from a cutter today it could be hundreds, possibly $1000 more.


ITEM #: R883
Heart Shape Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 1.32ct
SHAPE: Heart Shape
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 7.15 x 6.22 x 4.11 mm
There is no GIA Report with this diamond.
We include our comprehensive appraisal free of charge

 The diamond is offered in an 14kt yellow gold basket on a an 18 ( converts to 16) inch chain