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SOLD.....Loose Green Tourmaline: Precision Cut 2.89ct Green Tourmaline Asscher Cut R3892

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Precision Cut 2.89ct Green Tourmaline Asscher Cut


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ITEM #: R3892
Green Tourmaline, Loose

WEIGHT: 2.89ct
STONE TYPE:Green Tourmaline
SHAPE: Asscher Cut
COLOR: Green
MEASUREMENTS: 8.10 x 6.45 mm

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We are now working with master gemstone cutter Roger Dery. This is a precision cut stone, cut by Roger. He is a cutter who sources much of the rough at the actual mines. This means we get accurate origin info as well as if a stone was treated or not.

This is a lovely green tourmaline. This stone was purchased in October 2010, and cut by Roger himself. The color on this stone is a lovely shade of green. The cut is wonderful giving you a sparkly green beauty!

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The stone is natural, and has not been treated in any way.

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