SOLD......Tourmaline Ring: 4.00ct Precision Cut Rectangular Cushion Chrome Tourmaline Halo Ring R3891

diamond ring

ITEM #: R3891
Platinum Chrome Tourmaline Ring

WEIGHT: 4.00ct
STONE TYPE: Chrome Tourmaline
SHAPE: Rectangular Cushion
COLOR: Green
MEASUREMENTS: 11.90 x 8.65 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant


Currently sized at: 6 We will ship the ring in your size between size 5 and 6.75. Please contact us for details on larger finger size adjustments.

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

chrome tourmaline ring

4.00ct Precision Cut Rectangular Cushion Chrome Tourmaline Ring

This is a precision cut stone, cut by Roger Dery. He is a cutter who sources much of the rough at the actual mines. This means we get accurate origin info as well as if a stone was treated or not.

Chrome tourmalines differ from regular green tourmalines due to the presence of chromium - which is responsible for the lovely deep shade of green. Chrome tourmalines are considered the most valuable of all green tourmalines out there.

This stone is a great example of how gorgeous chrome tourmalines can be - a beautiful rich green color.

chrome tourmaline

precision cut chrome tourmaline

precision cut chrome tourmaline

cushion cut chrome tourmaline


natural chrome tourmaline

The Ring

When you start with such a well cut , vibrant gemstone, it does make the job easier. Since the stone is so nice, we decided on platinum for the ring. It is a lovely hand forged model.

As large as the stone is, it will be comfortable to wear, as the stone sits low to the finger. Lovely artful design features a perfect fit micro pave halo. Graceful split shank and claw prongs.

tourmaline ring

tourmaline and diamond ring

hand forged ring

tourmaline and diamond halo ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

pink diamond ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the chrome tourmaline and diamond ring you will receive.

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