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SOLD....Loose Yellow Diamond: 3.34ct S-T VVS2 Cushion Cut GIA Fantastic Cut R5567

cushion cut diamond

ITEM #: R5567

Cushion Cut Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 3.34ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
MEASUREMENTS: 8.13 x 7.72 x 5.44 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2155845391

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light yellow diamond

3.34ct S-T VVS2 Cushion Cut Diamond

If we draw a graph depicting diamond prices, D would be at the far left- at a given price for 3 carat size- say $25,000+/- per carat.

By the time we reach J we would be down to about $10,000+/- Per carat

M-T color would be about $4500 per carat. At that point we get to U-V color the prices are slight higher and e're back up in the $6k per carat range.

By the time we reach Fancy Light Yellow this upside down bell curve of a graph is back to about $10k per carat.

Fancy Intense Yellow is on par with D color and Fancy Vivid yellow surpasses the D color.

That puts this stone at the bottom of the price scale for colors.

natural light yellow diamond

GIA has graded the diamond S-T color, which is no bad at all! It is a lovely light lemon yellow color, and it is going to pick up color once we set her.

Due to the Fluorescence, the stone really changes in different lighting. It looks quite a bit more yellow indoors, but really lovely anywhere.

We all know cut is crucial - and this diamond is really well cut. The depth and table size work together perfectly for great sparkle and scintillation. EX Polish VG Symmetry, both nice to see on a stone of this shape

In this diamond demographic, higher clarity does not add as much as a percentage to the cost.

That is to say, if a D/VS1 is a given price - D/IF is going to be significantly higher. However S-T/VS1 and S-T/IF might be the same price, or a few points different. That means you are getting a VVS2 diamond here at virtually zero premium over a VS2.

I loved the way this stone looked, so we bought it for stock.

gia u-v colored diamond

faint yellow diamond

yellow cushion cut

yellow diamond

cushion cut diamond

yellow cushion cut diamond

gia u-v colored diamond

canary diamond

yellow cushion cut

yellow diamond

cushion cut diamond

cushion cut diamond

If you are interested in this stone, give us a call. You will be purchasing with a money back guarantee, so you are sure to end up satisfied!

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gia report


This Diamond is offered loose, but we would be delighted to help you design and manufacture a fabulous setting for it.

You can also pick from any of the rings on the site- we will replicate the setting for the stone you purchase

Or, if you want a three stone ring, you will approve the design, and side stone selection.

When we need to find side stones, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

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