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SOLD.....Pink Diamond Ring: 3.09ct Fancy Pink VS2 Marquise Diamond- GIA R4464


Pink Diamond Ringmillion dollar ring

Pink Diamond Ring
ITEM #: R4464

WEIGHT: 3.09ct
SHAPE: Marquise
COLOR: Fancy Pink
MEASUREMENTS: 16.02 x 7.37 x 4.25 mm
GIA REPORT #: 5131605758

fancy pink diamond certificate

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pink diamond marquise

Here's what a million dollars looks like, wrapped around my little finger.

I've always wanted to say something like that. Seriously, when I first saw this Pink Diamond, my jaw hit the ground. It's got a different type of presence, compared to a colorless diamond. Incredibly bright- but incredibly pink- which is not the brightest color in nature. What happens, that I can perceive, is that the remarkable light return properties of a diamond come into play- a ton of white light comes bouncing out of this diamond- after it's been tinted an amazing rosy color on the way out of this Pink Diamond. 

Another incredible aspect is how many different shades of pure pink come out of this baby!

million dollar diamond ring


And while we can agree that Marquise is not necessarily the most popular shape for a diamond- it works here. Incredibly well. I'd venture to say that many marquise "dissers" will re-evaluate their position if they were lucky enough to wrap it around their finger. Why? Well, for one thing sheer size works exceptionally well with a marquise. 16mm!!! The ring is 19mm long on the finger- Holy Huge ring Bat-woman.

For another there's not even a hint of  "bow tie"- amazing in that regard- truly brilliant from stem to stern.

pink diamond ring


For those who want to know the details of this pink diamond ring.

There's a ring?

Seriously- I was so excited when I got my little mitts on this I forgot to get the stats for the Half Moon Diamonds, and micro pave work

fancy pink diamond rings

fancy pink diamond ring

pink diamond rings

million dollar diamond ring

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pink diamond ring