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SOLD.....Halo Diamond Ring: .49Ct Well Cut Brown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond-Pink Gold Diamonds Pink R2406

There is NO GIA report included with this diamond- we do include our comprehensive appraisal, free of charge.

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colored diamonds

.49ct Natural Fancy Yellowish Brown Diamond
Set into
Item #R2406

Pink Gold, Pink Diamond Halo Ring


ALL photos and video are of the exact diamond and ring you will receive

it's very rare to find a well cut diamond round, that has this intensity of color level. Generally, when you see a fancy colored round diamond, and as deep color, it's a brown. And that is the case here too. This diamond is from India.

In the photo below, that pink T-shirt I was wearing probably influenced the outcome

It is not easy to find such a well cut round brown diamonds from India. below, is part of the parcel that contained this diamond. We bought the entire parcel. All 10 stones, a total weight of 5.59 carats, were beautifully cut. The .49ct diamond in this listing is at the far left in the photo below. since we bought the entire parcel, we got a great price. We are offering a few of them at a special savings for you, including this one.


ITEM #: R2406
14Karat Rose Gold Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 0.49ct
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Yellow Brown
MEASUREMENTS: 5.10 - 5.10 x 3.11 mm

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

14Karat Rose Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5
We will ship the ring in your size.
GIA Report- there's no GIA with this one.
We include our comprehensive appraisal free of charge


I've graded the diamond SI2. It is a totally eye clean diamond.


The Ring

it's simply amazing, now that this diamond is that you can see almost every coloring. There are times it looks brown, there are times it looks green, and there are times it looks yellow. I guess we can call this an MPD (Multiple Personality Diamond)

The style of ring is classic-but with a unique twist.

Both the pink gold, and pink diamonds combined to give you something you just won't find any place else.

Now that she's set, this .49 carat diamond has a life of her own.

The reason for the (low) price?

There's a few. First of all, we are a wholesaler that sells directly to the public. This company was set up to sell the jewelry stores, and now we sell to end users like you.

Second of all brown diamonds are much less expensive than colorless diamonds or traditionally fancy colored diamonds. Add this to the fact that the quality of our rings is better than what you can find in almost any jewelry store, and it makes for a very nice deal. I hope you buy it, and hope you enjoy it.