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SOLD....Loose diamond: unusual-Octagonal Modified Brilliant Diamond R2591

No GIA report with this item - comprehensive appraisal included free of charge.
  Unusual-Octagonal Modified Brilliant Diamond
ITEM #R2591


you could compare buying diamonds with the buying of real estate.  In each case, each property is unique.  Some more than others.  For example, an apartment complex might have hundreds of apartments that are quite similar.  But if you go to a neighborhood, and find a unique house built on a distinctive piece of property, that would be one of a kind.

In the diamond world, colorless round brilliant cut diamonds are kind of like apartments.  I mean to say, each one can be beautiful on its own merits, and each one is beautiful.  But if you're looking for a 1.00 D/VS1, you will find many on the market.

It would be very difficult to find another octagonal modified brilliant like this one

  The color is a lovely light yellow shade.

I've graded it SI1 ( there's no GIA report) but I'm being super critical- the diamond is totally eye clean.

 The cut? It's totally unique. You know if this is something you'd love. it's really difficult to capture this particular diamond in pictures- the video is better...


If the diamond is calling to you, then maybe you have an idea about how to set it.

If you do, we're your Huckleberry.

all actual photos  of the specific diamond we are offering.


ITEM #: R2591
Octagon Diamond, Loose

WEIGHT: 0.45ct
SHAPE: Octagonal Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 4.40 x 4.40 x 2.83 mm

Lab Report There is no GIA report with this diamond.  We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.