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SOLD....Yellow Diamond Ring: 2.25ct Fancy Vivid Yellow SI1 GIA Uber Halo Ring R5804

diamond ring

ITEM #: R5804
Diamond Ring

WEIGHT: 2.25ct
SHAPE: Cushion Cut
COLOR: Fancy Vivid Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.02 x 7.34 x 4.71 mm
GIA REPORT #: 2151707727

SHAPE: Round Brilliant

Platinum and 18Karat Gold

Currently sized at: 6
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vivid yellow diamond ring

2.25ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion Cut SI1 Diamond Halo Ring

When assessing the value of fancy yellow diamonds, intensity of color is of primary importance.

On a scale of 1 to 10 of vivid yellow diamonds, 1 being closest to intense yellow and 10 being incredibly vivid, this diamond is a 26.5.

Seriously, the color is remarkable!

It is bright yellow under any lighting condition. Even in dim lighting. When you get it under optimal conditions, like sunlight or nice indoor lighting, it glows.

You can look at hundreds of GIA graded Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds, and not see one of this intensity and purity. There is no brown or orange whatsoever to this yellow. It is a remarkable diamond.

Looking at the diamond, I can understand why the industry has assigned such a high value to the color – it's emotional.

The diamond is so unambiguous in its pronouncement of yellow that it stirs something inside you when you look at it.

Below, I will tell you why I love the cut of this stone. However, the diamond was graded fair symmetry by GIA.

canary yellow diamond

When you look at the loose diamond photos, you will notice that the center line of the diamond, is not exactly at the center of the diamond. Would this be an aspect that you might be able to notice with your naked eye in person?

In my opinion - not a chance.

As you move the diamond the sparkle is remarkable - you cannot pick up that line naked eye.

The camera is able to focus on a part of the diamond, on which your eyes simply cannot.

In every other way, the diamond is beautifully cut. It has great size for its weight, and the sparkle is remarkable.

GIA graded the diamond SI1. The imperfections that constitute this clarity grade are all rather small and insignificant on their own.

The most notable is a tiny "Indented Natural" which is actually on the crown of the diamond near a prong. What it is, is actually a miniscule area of the diamond which is left unpolished, in its rough state. It is actually pretty cool to look at, but you will need a microscope or very strong magnifying glass to be able to see it.

Then there is a scattering of tiny feathers and crystals. There are a few black pinpoints right under the table.

Pretty much any one or two of these items on it's own would've classified the diamond as VS2.

Put them altogether and you have an SI1.

The net result, is that the diamond is totally eye clean.

Overall incredibly desirable Diamond remarkably bright yellow and very good to look at.

fancy vivid yellow diamond

vivid yellow diamond

gia fancy vivid yellow

The Ring

Top of the line split shank Uber Halo- nothing but the best for this remarkable diamond.

The ring feels remarkable in the hand – it is quite weighty. A lot of platinum there. The stone is impeccably set gorgeous 18 karat yellow gold claw prongs.

The stone is a desirable size of 2.25ct. Overall, it is actually a remarkable value.

diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

yellow diamond ring

hand forged diamond ring

diamond halo ring

diamond ring

diamond ring

diamond halo ring

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond ring you will receive.


gia report

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