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SOLD.....3.77ctw Fancy Colored Diamond Ring R2397

ITEM:# R2397

TYPE: Diamond
SHAPE: Round Brilliant
COLOR: Asssorted Natural Brown Green Yellow Fancy Colors

MOUNTING: 18Karat Green Gold

Currently sized at: 6.5

We made this ring in 2008. It was sold in 2009. Just came back for a trade up.

It's in perfect condition - and I mean, perfect.

The ring was made by craftsmen- and even more importantly, a designer who is no longer in the trade. The craftsmanship is stunning.

The dome of diamonds, both visually, as well as texturally is pleasing and eye-catching.

The colors are arrayed in a seemingly random pattern- till you start to study it closely. There are patterns- she used the colors perfectly.

The center diamond is about 0.65ct. It's a cool stone - strong yellow fluorescence - it actually looks slightly pink in dim lighting. Some of the stones look quite orange.

It's a masterpiece. Made in green gold, by the way.

A cool thing about our site is that it's built on a pre-historic platform (by internet standards) So we actually still have the page from 2008 when we first listed this ring. Check it out here