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10.01ctw G-H SI1 Diamond Bracelet R7990

diamond bracelet
diamond braceletdiamond braceletdiamond bracelet

ITEM #: R7990
Diamond Bracelet

TOTAL WEIGHT: 10.01cts
SHAPE: Round Brilliant

We include our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes.

diamond bracelet

10.01ctw G-H SI1 Round Brilliant Diamond Bracelet

10Ct! of bling for your wrist!! Not 3 nor 5 and not 7 but 10! Even better 10 with a bonus of .01ct!!! No fine print saying may only contain 9.90 actual ct weight like many on the market!

This stunning bracelet is made from 18k Gold and is 7 inches long! It is made for a lifetime of wear, not super fragile like many discount store bracelets. It is made of 18k gold which contains much more gold than a 14k bracelet.

Although the piece may ostensibly look like many other bracelets - it is actually a one of a kind. The stones come from the legendary Sam Spade's vault. Easy to do the math here - you're paying $1850 a carat for 10 carats worth of hand picked eye clean 1/4ct diamonds - and that's not accounting for the gold and labor. We can't repeat at this price.

diamond bracelet

diamond bracelet

diamond bracelet

The photos above are ACTUAL Photos of the diamond bracelet you will receive.