1.03ct Intense Yellow Pear Shape Diamond R8712

ITEM:# R8712

WEIGHT: 1.03ct
SHAPE: Pear Modified Brilliant
COLOR: Fancy Intense Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.98 x 4.93 x 3.27 mm
GIA REPORT #: 6322037737

This is just such a stunning stone. The color is so close to a vivid yellow- and it's perfectly pure, bright canary yellow.

The cut of the diamond plays a part in projecting this vibrant color out the top of the diamond in bright yellow flashes. It's an even sparkle - no dead spots or any sort of bowtie.

The shape is romantically teardrop shaped. great size for the weight. Just a hair shy of 9mm she's a showy gem. Then we come to the only "weak point"- the SI1 Clarity.

Many people shopping for diamonds limit their search to VS2 and better. I understand the thinking behind this. It's the internet, after all, so why take a chance? An SI1 could have a huge booger that messes up the whole stone!

Here are the real implications of the SI1 clarity in this particular diamond.

If you take a look at the plot on the GIA report, it looks like target practice! Seriously, there's a lot of stuff mapped out on the diamond. Crystal, Twining Wisp, Cloud, feather and finally, it's got a needle. Sounds like a lot.

Here's the thing. The fact that it has a lot of different characteristics might be a very good thing. Because for it to have all those characteristics and still be SI1.....it means that each of the characteristics is remarkably subtle.

Clarity characteristics are listed with the characteristic most important to grade are listed first. Generally, this means the characteristic listed first is the most likely to be eye visible. In this case, it's crystal.

If you really well trained with a loupe and tweezer you could pick out one of the crystals that are indicated on the plot. As far as ALL the other characteristics- you'd need the perfect lighting and a microscope to see them. Plus, in Fancy Colors the overall brilliance and sparkle - and vibrancy- determine value.

This stone is a borderline Vivid Yellow. I'd take it any day over an Internally Flawless Intense yellow that's a borderline Fancy Yellow. The color is what you'll see.

In this case, we also got a very good price for a stone of this color. It could be an amazing ring- Pink Lemonade- - or a colorless halo. A pendant- wow, It could be whatever you envision.