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1.51ct U-V SI1 Oval Shape Diamond R8691

ITEM:# R8691

WEIGHT: 1.51ct
SHAPE: Oval Modified Brilliant
COLOR: U-V, Natural Light Yellow
MEASUREMENTS: 8.20 x 5.70 x 3.95 mm

Here's a sweetly cut oval!

It's long and graceful. The Oval Modified Brilliant Facet Design eliminates any bow tie whatsoever. The stone sparkles from stem to stern. This stone has a nice size for the weight. Ovals are far less common than Cushion cuts nowadays.

We purchased the diamond directly from the cutter, before the GIA- so I've graded the stone, which is being submitted to the GIA as you read this.

I called it U-V- but it could easily be a W-X or Y-Z. Predicting what GIA will call a color like this one is super difficult.

I also graded the stone SI1 - there are a few tiny carbon crystals. You can't see them in this super close up photos, or video- there's no chance you might be able to see them with your unaided eye.

Offered loose- but if you buy it, you're dealing with experts on setting this type of stone.

Great value.