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SOLD......Loose Diamonds: Matching Horse Head Diamonds- 1.57total weight R2665

There's no GIA report on these. We do include our comprehensive appraisal suitable for insurance, free of charge

Matching Horse Head Diamonds
1.57carat total weight
ITEM #: R2665
Horse Head Diamond, Matching Pair Loose

SHAPE: Horse Head
MEASUREMENTS: 6.95 x 8.25 mm
all actual photos of the horsey head diamonds we are offering.


Here's something you don't see every day. A matching pair of horse head diamonds. Tell me these are not the cutest things you've ever seen. One thing though... we all know that horses are not the brightest animals, and no matter how hard I try, one of these guys looks to the left and one of them looks to the right side. I can NOT get them to look the other way, no matter what I do

Nice Horsey Diamond

Here's another great thing about them. Compared to your normal equine purchases these guys require no feeding, no care, you can just keep them as they are. If you like horses, you must know about stable fees.



If I didn't see this, I probably wouldn't believe it. I mean look at the detail work. He got the eyebrows, you can see the lips. Those perky ears... it's all there. Each Horsey has its own subtle personality, but each have these details. At the same time, these are very bright, brilliant diamonds



These are totally colorless horses



The diamonds total 1.57 carats


The diamonds are SI1 clarity. They are eye clean.

The Diamonds Are Offered Loose

After all, wild horses are a thing of beauty. As you read this, we are considering the manufacture of a bypass sort of ring for these two guys. But for now they're available loose for you to buy.



If you know how you want to set them just let us know.



All kidding aside, these are amazing diamonds, and very difficult to find. The cutting work is phenomenal, the diamonds themselves are truly beautiful. And the brilliance is simply amazing

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